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The Sunprime Ayia Napa Suites adopts and implements policies, scopes and targets set by Thomas Cook Nordic and therefor the policies stated below are similar or alligned with the ones of Sunwing Resorts.


“Thomas Cook Nordic and Sunprime Ayia Napa Suites, believe that continuing success in the hotel industry depends on:

• Offering high quality services in a clean, safe and well-protected environment.

• Constant adaptation of its services and products to new environmental standards and to the demands of its guests as these are shaped by the economy, technology and social changes.

• Consistent training of staff so that they understand and adopt these new technologies and practices which protect the environment.

Each hotel department and its employees participate in this effort. It is necessary to ensure that products and services are always safe and do not damage the environment but if possible protect it and improve it.

We also motivate and put pressure on our partners, suppliers and local authorities to accept and implement similar practices, always keeping in mind local circumstances and national legislation.

Our hotel is committed to the environmental targets it has set itself, using material and human resources to achieve the targets. We make this policy known to our guests, staff and stakeholders.

Our activities are examined with respect to our policy and relevant legislation. Our environmental work is reported openly and objectively.”


“Continuous improvement is based on measurable environmental objectives such as :

• Reduction of energy consumption.

• Reduction of water consumption.

• Elimination or limited use of harmful chemicals.

• Limited production of wastes.”


“Thomas Cook Nordic Resorts’ environmental action plan and therefor Sunprime’s Ayia Napa Suites plan, are designed to guarantee the reduction in consumption of energy, water and chemicals and reduction in wastes and to increase the points acquired by each resort every year from the optional criteria of the EU-Ecolabel and the mandatory criteria of Travelife. Our targets include the following:

• Use of EU-Ecolabel pproducts.

• Achieve the Travelife Gold Award according to the new criteria.

• Ensure a continuous reduction in the consumption of natural resources by a percentage as presented in hotel’s detailed action plan.

• Ensure that all new employees are informed and trained annualy on our environmental activities, issues and business-related environmental aspects.”


“For us at Sunprime Ayia Napa Suites, sustainable development is paramount. We strive to minimize the negative effects of tourism and increase the positive ones. We wish to develop, implement and market tourism in a sustainable way.

We wish to minimize tourism’s negative effects on the environment and to follow local, national and international laws and regulations that apply to our activities.

We are against all illegal and exploitative forms of tourism.

We always strive to start from the aspect of sustainability, both in our own activities and in our work with local partners. ”


“Tourism and travel affect not only the environment but also the local people in the destinations we travel to. To succeed in this effort, we implement the four guidelines adopted by Thomas Cook Northern Europe:

• Working conditions
• Child labor and rights
• The environment and local community
• Child sex tourism
• Wildlife and nature protection

The guidelines are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the conventions on working conditions and workers’ rights of the UN’s labour agency the ILO.

The hotel is against all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All employees and guests are treated fairly irrespective of gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, religious belief or otherwise.”


“We shall work for working conditions that include:

• the freedom to join a trade union

• employment terms of employment

• a minimum wage

• a good working environment

• regulated working hours

• training, skills and professional development

• the right to raise concerns and make complaints on serious issues”


“We shall work for:

• The prohibition of child labour (we accept no employees who are younger than the national law and apply the specific requirements for employees 16-18 years old), illegal employment, forced and compulsory labour.

• Report to police and local authorities cases of child exploitation and abuse or similar suspicious activities whether by employees, guests or other people.

• Train its employees on children’s rights and relevant legislations.”


“We shall work to:

• Reduce the amount of carbon emissions and waste at our hotel.

• Influence our suppliers and other partners to act in as environmentally conscious ways as possible in their activities (for example in energy, water and chemical consumption and in sorting waste).

• Encourage a healthy development of tourism at Ammochostos Region – Stimulate the use of local products and labour.

• Protect and promote local history, customs, traditions and points of interest by training our employees, organizing or participating at events, providing information and experiences to our guests. Furthermore, we provide information to our guest on how to respect and protect historical sites and nature.

• Regularly communicate and work with the local community. ”


“The hotel condemns all forms of sexual exploitation of children and supports all laws to prevent and punish such offences. Thomas Cook Nordic has entered into an agreement to implement ECPAT’s and The Code´s “Code of conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”.

The code of conduct covers the following criteria:

• We have established a policy regarding commercial sexual exploitation of children.
• We inform and train our personnel
• We inform our guests
• We inform local partners about our standpoint ”


“We shall:

• Not be involved in any event or activity that concerns wildlife.

• Provide information to our guest on how to respect and protect the island’s nature and wildlife. We do not encourage guests to take part in activities which harm animals or those animals’ surrounding habitats.

• Promote places, activities or parks that involve animal captivity. ”


“These issues are important to us. Our endeavor is that we, at Sunprime Ayia Napa Suites, shall follow these guidelines for social responsibility and sustainability in travel to the greatest possible extent.

We, follow the local legislation and we expect our partners to do the same. We undertake to report any improper conditions and offences on the part of our partners as soon as these may be discovered. Such conditions may lead to the end of our collaboration.

Through our collaboration with Travelife, our work on the environment and social responsibility is followed up by Travelife’s independent inspectors. Travelife, which has been formed by European tour operators, provides guidelines and measurement systems aimed at contributing to improvement in environmental and social responsibility in the travel industry.

Companies associated with Travelife shall also contribute to society by employing locally, using local suppliers and marketing local business. Furthermore they aim to counteract child labour and child sex tourism.

Thomas Cook Northern Europe’s own Sunwing hotels work in accordance with the EU Ecolabel, the most stringent and reliable eco-certification currently existing for hotels. At present no other charter tour operator in the Nordic countries can offer hotels with the EU Ecolabel.”



“The health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. We recognize our legal and wider responsibilities to our guests as specified in local legislation and the guidelines of Thomas Cook Nordic. We also assess the hazards associated to our guests from the products and services provided by the hotel or our suppliers and partners.

We understand our responsibility to contract with reputable suppliers and to provide services that meet legislative requirements and reasonable safety standards.

To safeguard our customers’ wellbeing, our Health and Safety Team works together towards a program of continual improvement, ensuring we maintain compliance with legislative standards as well as our own preferred practices.”


“We will, as far as reasonably practicable, take the required steps to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all our employees, suppliers and visitors to our hotel. To ensure we meet the required legislation, responsibilities for health and safety are properly and clearly assigned and fulfilled throughout the hotel. Collectively, we are committed to the implementation of this policy and strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

We expect employees, suppliers and visitors to our sites to exercise reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their actions. We ask them to cooperate fully in all health and safety matters, including the reporting of all accidents and incidents.

Our Health and Safety Team is working to continually improve our practices and procedures in order to maintain the continued safety and wellbeing.”


“Our health and safety framework relies on a number of core components:

• Assess and review the risks at all our workplaces and in all aspects of our operations

• Implement an effective management system

• Training our employees

• Guest information and awareness

• Collaborating with experts on safety matters

• Consistency in our incident and illness reporting helps us to monitor incidents closely and make health and safety changes where necessary

• Monitoring and inspection”